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Oxford, Ala. (Jan. 23, 2024) - Oxford City Schools is proud to  announce the launch of the Oxford High School Global Honors Academy, an innovative academic program designed to provide students with a college-level curriculum aimed at preparing them for both college and career success. A highlight of the academy will be the International Baccalaureate Programme. Applications for the 2024-25 school year are being accepted now through February 9, and both
residents and non-residents of the Oxford City Schools’ district may apply for consideration.

“Oxford High School was named a top 25 high school in our state this year, and the Global Honors Academy allows us to continue to elevate the opportunities our students have that empower them for future success,” says Superintendent Shannon Stanley.

The Global Honors Academy features three distinct honors level pathways: International Baccalaureate (IB), Advanced Placement (AP) and Dual Enrollment (DE). These pathways offer academically challenging coursework in English, history, math, science, arts, and foreign language. Oxford High School is currently in the candidacy phase of authorization to become an IB World School.

While many are familiar with AP and DE, the IB Diploma Programme may be unfamiliar. An easy way to understand it is that IB offers the opportunity for college credit like AP courses, but the IB program is governed by an international body, while AP course standards are defined and governed by a body of educators within the U.S. Because there are two different governing bodies, approaches to teaching and assessments vary. IB courses have a heavy emphasis on inquiry-based critical thinking, global-mindedness, and written communication. Spanning the student’s junior and senior years, IB courses are taught on campus by IB credentialed instructors, and students may earn internationally recognized college credit.

Julia Hill, IB coordinator for the Global Honors Academy, says, “We already have robust advanced placement and dual-enrollment options at OHS. Adding IB allows us to extend an internationally recognized academic option for our students that will expand their global awareness and exercise their student voice.”

Adding an internationally-recognized honors pathway at OHS has Global Honors Academy’s IB Head of School, Laura Phillips, energized.

“The IB Programme is perhaps the most exciting opportunity I've been a part of in my nearly forty years in education. The programme utilizes a student-centered, experiential curriculum that is broad, balanced, and rigorous in order to inspire students to develop agency, critical-thinking and communication skills, and creativity. Students will garner the perspective and skills necessary to facilitate a smooth transition to the post-secondary world,” says Phillips.

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* Oxford High School ls a Candidate School·for the IB Diploma Programme. This school is pursuing authorization as an IB World School. These are schools that share a common philosophy: a commitment to high quality, challenging, international education that Oxford High School believes is important for our students.

Only schools authorized by the IB Organization can offer any of Its four academic programmes: the Primary Years Programme (PYP), the Middle Years Programme (MVP), the Diploma Programme (DP) or the Career-related Programme (CP). Candidate status gives no guarantee that authorization will be granted.