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Wes Brooks Steps Into Athletics Supervisor Role at Oxford City Schools

After 18 years, Brooks resigns as head baseball coach, ready for the challenge to support all athletics

Oxford, Ala. (Aug. 15, 2023) - Oxford High School’s head baseball coach, Wes Brooks, is moving into a new role as supervisor of safety, operations and athletics for Oxford City Schools. This move allows him to extend his expertise and organizational talent into all athletic programs, a role perfect for him as he has played and coached many sports throughout his life and career. 

The board and Superintendent Shannon Stanley, as well as almost two decades of Yellow Jackets, are grateful for the leadership, growth and success Brooks has brought to the baseball program, which is why he was an easy ask to step into the district role.

“We are excited to announce that Coach Wes Brooks has been appointed to serve in a broader capacity with us. Although he is resigning his coaching position with baseball, he will continue to work with our students through supervising the Champions Athletic Center, supporting operations with the football program and leading the girls flag football team as head coach. We are excited about the impact Coach Brooks will have with the athletics program with Oxford City Schools,” says Superintendent Shannon Stanley, highlighting some of Brooks’ responsibilities.

Brooks' decision to leave the baseball program might be surprising on the heels of a state championship, but he thinks it’s the right time in his career to pass the torch with the program in great shape. 

“We all think about our next steps, and I’ve been thinking about mine for a while. Not many opportunities come up to advance into supervisory athletic roles, and especially not at your own school. It’s tough leaving the baseball team - probably the hardest decision I’ve had to make in my career. I’ll miss those kids. I’ll only be a few steps away on campus ready to support and help transition the program to the next coach.”

Brooks’ moved his oldest daughter, Sawyer, into the dorms at the University of Alabama this past weekend. Skylar, Brooks’ youngest daughter, is in the eighth grade. He says he has missed out on family moments coaching multiple sports, and he looks forward to spending more time with his wife, Summer, and daughters. The new duties will keep him busy but allow more flexibility with his schedule. 

Brooks has honed his skills in managing the moving parts that leading a team requires, and this will serve him well as he manages scheduling in the athletic center and supports the program. He also knows facilities and has driven buses, two integral areas of school operations.

“I’ve always been an all-sport person. I grew up playing football, baseball and basketball, and I’ve coached all three. I’ve coached boys and girls sports and will continue to coach girls flag football. Now, I have the opportunity to help every coach and team. I enjoy organization and improving processes. I’ve been through what it’s like to wait two hours to practice because there’s only one gym to share when the weather is bad, so I’ll be fair and work with our coaches to provide win-win access to our facilities.”

Brooks has been a baseball coach for 18 years at Oxford and for 23 years total, with numerous awards under his belt. His resume boasts two state championships (2012 and 2023) and two state coach of the year honors (2012 and 2023). This year marks his third season as head girls flag football coach. Last season, the team was state runner-up, an impressive feat for a team in its second season.

“After why, the next question someone might ask is if I’ll ever coach baseball again. I can’t answer that, but I’ve learned enough to never say never. What I do know is that I’m committed to growing in the new role, am looking forward to the new challenge and for making my footprint beyond baseball. I’m fired up!”

The enthusiasm is shared by the board and Superintendent Stanley as they know Coach Brooks will bring his all as he always has to Oxford City Schools.


Ashley Siskey Stilwell

Oxford City Schools Public Information Officer