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DES third grader, Carlee Elston, debuts on Hallmark's A Nashville Legacy

Carlee with Blended Christmas castmates

Be on the lookout for DeArmanville Elementary third-grader, Carlee Elston, this Sun., Feb. 26, in A Nashville Legacy airing at 6 p.m. CT on the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries channel. Carlee portrays young Naima, and a great spot to catch her in action will be when she's dancing in a house. The movie was filmed in December in Birmingham. 
Carlee returned recently from filming another movie, Blended Christmas, in which she has a supporting role. During breaks, when she's not working with her on-set tutor, she enjoys sampling new foods at craft services and participating in activities like indoor rock climbing with the other young actors. The downside to being on set? Carlee says, " You have to miss school, and I like school."
This comment makes the hearts of Principal Amy Copeland, Assistant Principal Kelley Williams and teacher Megan Caron melt. "To say we are proud of Carlee is an understatement," says Mrs. Caron. "She has worked diligently this year juggling her school work, her acting career, participating in Girl Scouts, being a part of our gifted program and competing on a competitive cheer squad. It is exciting to watch her career blossoming at such a young age. Carlee has proven that you are never too young to pursue your dreams!"
Carlee with Victoria Rowell
Carlee plans to continue to pursue acting. She began her career at the age of four when she was cast as a hair model for the brand Just for Me. A typical year has her working about two jobs, but recently, she has been booking about one job per month. 
We're all very excited for our fellow Yellow Jacket, Carlee, and look forward to seeing her on our screens!