• Hello! Welcome to Mrs. O's Class! I absolutely love teaching, and I love being part of the Coldwater family. At CES, I have taught 2nd grade (traditional), 1st and 2nd grade Personalized Learning, and 2nd and 3rd grade Personalized Learning. CES began piloting two Personalized Learning classes in 2018. The outcome has been wonderful, and we are thrilled to continue this program. In Personalized Learning, your child will be working at his or her own pace in a multi-grade level classroom.  CES is a wonderful place where your child will be loved and valued. I look forward to a wonderful year with my students! Email address: kostolaza.ce@oxboe.com



    Jacksonville State University - Bachelor of Science in Elementary and Collaborative Education


    Professional Development/Affiliations 


    ARI (Alabama Reading Initiative) - Certified

    AMSTI (Alabama Math Science Technology Initiative) 2nd and 3rd Grade Science - Certified Teacher

    AMSTI (Alabama Math Science Technology Initiative) 2nd Grade Science - Certified Trainer

    Certified Apple Teacher 

    Alabama Educational Technology Conference - Presenter