Additional P-EBT Information

Updated P-EBT Information 10.20.22

Students who received P-EBT benefits in August will not receive additional benefits during the next P-EBT rollout. Benefits will be awarded to a student one time only. Only students who did not receive benefits in August, but newly enrolled since 7/1/22 as Free or Reduced by 8/31/22 will receive P-EBT benefits during the next rollout during October or November.


Students who became eligible as of the August 31, 2022 deadline, will be pulled on September 30, 2022 and submitted to Alabama DHR at that time or the following week. 

Alabama will process that file as soon as it goes through and passes their test environment.  It could take a full month for this to fully process.So, it could be late October or sometime in November before they will receive the benefits.


How will the benefits load on the CARDS or CARD being issued?

  • If benefits were received for the Summer of SY2020-2021, then the benefits will load to that card.
  • If card was never received, then a new card will be issued.
  • If a new card is issued, then it would be mailed to address that is in the ALSDE Student Management System (AIMS)…receipt of card will be dependent on local mailing timeframe.
  • If any information has changed since the issuance of the last card, it will generate a new card.
  • Replacement cards needed – call the P-EBT hotline.