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Champions Tradition Continues

An Oxford tradition continues...
Ann Robertson drew her first commemorative championship piece for OHS in 1988 for the football team. Then, another in 1989 for their repeat title win.
Now, 34 years later, she has added the 2023 baseball state championship team to her work now on display at the high school.
The 2023 State Champ Baseball piece took 54 hours to complete and involved switching back and forth between the left and right brain functions. The right brain handled all the planning while the left brain created the art. Mrs. Robertson says the smaller details - like the white box with all the players in the center - took the longest. Coach Brooks alone took four hours.
The 1988 work, also shown, took 40 hours to complete. The print on display was donated by the family of Oxford's number one fan, Lane Thweatt. You can still see where Mrs. Robertson signed it for Lane.
Mrs. Robertson is an OHS grad, former cheerleader and former Miss Oxford. She and fellow OHS grad, Danny Robertson, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary this year. They have two sons and four grandchildren.
Interested in ordering your own print of the 2023 baseball championship? Contact the OHS front office at (256) 241-3166, and they'll connect you with the appropriate party to place your order.