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From the Classroom…to the Classroom: DeArmanville Elementary School hosts University of Montevallo students to observe CHAMPS classroom management in action

Principal Copeland greets University of Montevallo students

Twenty-one Montevallo pre-service teachers spent the morning of Wed., Mar. 1, observing the positive effects CHAMPS continues to have in DeArmanville Elementary School’s classrooms, bus and car ride lines, hallways and morning assembly. CHAMPS is a program designed to improve classroom management by setting clear expectations for students to follow, as well as providing uniform structure on praise and correction.
Pre-service teachers at Montevallo are taught the CHAMPS method as part of their studies, and this field trip allows them to see the application of CHAMPS in a real setting.
DeArmanville Elementary is known for its successful implementation of CHAMPS and helps other schools incorporate the program into their classrooms.
Dr. Ji Ji Davis, Associate Professor of Elementary Education and Elementary Program Coordinator at the University of Montevallo, is grateful for the authentic learning experience facilitated by DeArmanville.
“The entire school welcomes my students each semester. After my students learn CHAMPS classroom management strategies in the college classroom, they are able to see first-hand these same strategies being implemented in the elementary classroom.”
Dr. Ji Ji Davis chats with students about goats
Until now, visits have been funded by a foundations grant provided by the Alabama State Department of Education in conjunction with Safe and Civil Schools. Although the funded grant came to an end, professors and students at Montevallo found the partnership so valuable that students funded their own travel to continue the relationship. Both parties hope to receive future grants to ensure Montevallo students are able to visit for years to come.
DeArmanville Principal Amy Copeland says DES faculty has found the University of Montevallo visits mutually beneficial.
“The questions and comments from the preservice teachers help us to sustain the practices that we have learned. We continue to look for opportunities to bridge these learning opportunities for preservice teachers who are in college so they will be successful when they are in their own classroom,” says Principal Copeland.
And, in case you’re wondering, CHAMPS stands for:
C - Conversation (voice level)
H - Help (what to do if you need help)
A - Activity (what activity should students be doing)
M - Movement (what is the level of movement required)
P - Participation (how can the teacher tell if they are participating in the activity)
S - Success (if the teacher can tell a student is meeting the expectations, then the student has achieved success)