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Pre-Registration Instructions

Welcome to Alabama First Class Pre-K Pre-Registration

Pre-Registration typically begins around January 15th. Those who complete the  pre-registration process and meet zoning requirements by March 1st will be entered into the random selection drawing. 

You may continue to register your child after March 1st, but you will not be included in the drawing. Those registered after March 1st will be entered on the waitlist in the order that they registered, as long as they meet school zoning requirements. Instructions to complete registration are below.

Create an account
Create only one account (duplicate accounts may delay pre-registration)
Use a valid email address
Properly capitalize and spell names and other information
Multiple children in the same household may be entered on the same form

Enter child and family information
Child must be 4 years old on September 1st of the school year
Child must be a resident of Alabama

Select First Class Pre-K Site(s)
Child may be pre-registered for multiple locations on the same form
For Oxford City Schools, please only register for the elementary school where your child will attend Kindergarten. 
Submit Pre-Registration
Places child in random selection process at each site selected
Receive email confirmation of pre-registration

Receive Email Notification of Results of Random Selection Drawings
By April 18th, email notification sent with results of random selection drawings for each site selected
Child selected for an available seat will be offered the position; parent must accept or decline
Child not selected for an available seat will be placed on the site's waiting list

If you need help with the pre-registration process, please contact the program or school where you are applying for assistance with completing the pre-registration form.