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Part VI: Clubs, Organizations, and Leadership Teams

Oxford High School seeks to maintain a robust selection of student organizations and clubs that support and accentuate the learning environment. A club should have at its core an academic component that relates to coursework at Oxford High School. Club membership is a privilege and not a requirement. Any Oxford High School student holding a membership or position, whether by election, appointment or by personal choice, in any organization or club, S.C.A., publication organization and/or class officer, who by their acts bring discredit to themselves and/or the school during school hours or school activities shall be suspended from further participation in the activity for the remainder of the year. Students may be permitted to be elected, appointed, or join the next year.

Any student on disciplinary suspension may not participate in any club, organization or publication activity. This includes weekend functions if the suspension carries over to Monday. Exceptions to this rule must be approved by the principal.

Due to the high number of clubs at Oxford High School and academic commitments of faculty, any club’s existence will be subject to the availability of teachers and sufficient interest by students. Only clubs or activities established by February 1st of the prior school year will be allowed during the following school year. Students must be academically eligible to participate in any school clubs or extracurricular activities (see the eligibility academic rules).

Any prospective or new club must have: a prospectus that includes the purpose of the club, proposed service activities, dues or fees, and a list with a minimum of thirty (30) names of current students who will be attending Oxford High School the next school year by signature. All students on a proposed club list must be students in good standing.

In relation to establishing a new club, if in the opinion of the principal the purpose, and/or activities of the proposed club could be served by an existing club he/she has the authority to expand the purpose of an existing club and merge the proposed new club under a current club or organization. Meeting times for clubs will be established by the principal and will not occur during the regular school day.