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Part V: Protection & Conduct


Points of Emphasis for the 2023 - 2024 School Year

  • A formal dress code will be implemented for all formal events sponsored by Oxford High School.

  • No “slacking” will be allowed by the students during school hours or at any school related events.

  • Students are to go to their class immediately when the bell rings. Do not stay in the hall.

  • No food, drinks, or gum are to be brought into the school building.

Academic Integrity 

Academic dishonesty is never acceptable and will not be tolerated. It is unethical for a student to take credit for work that is not their own. Academic dishonesty also denies a student the opportunity to acquire skills necessary to succeed in a given content area and future coursework. 

Academic dishonesty will be treated in the following manner: 

1. Students will be asked to provide evidence, such as notes, drafts, or other work samples. 

2. Students found to have violated Academic Integrity will be subject to the following: 

  • When a published work is plagiarized, a letter of apology will be sent to the writer or publication. 

  • An opportunity will be provided for the student(s) to complete a comparable assessment. 

  • The grade level administrator will prescribe a behavioral consequence to each involved student.