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OHS Student Handbook

History of Oxford High School

Oxford High School was first located in the building once housing Oxford College. Oxford College operated for thirty-two years and was the Alma Mater of many of Calhoun County’s most distinguished leaders and citizens. The building was sold to the City of Oxford, and Oxford High School was established in 1909; the first class graduated in 1910.

After forty years in the Oxford College Building, a twenty-nine classroom building was constructed on the present site. Later a gymnasium, football stadium, band room, and lunchroom were also constructed. A home economics complex and a fourteen classroom annex were added to the original building. From 2001-2004, Oxford High School opened the doors to a multi-million dollar sports arena, media center, and music facility. The sports arena was built as a multi-purpose sports facility to accommodate the needs of hundreds of student athletes. The media center houses three floors of technology and informational text complete with a tiered classroom and Oxford Historical Room. The media center is home to the Connection, an innovative collaborative space utilized as a center of creative and thoughtful work. The pattern of growth continued in 2008 with the building of the College Building. The architecture of the building was designed to preserve the memory of Oxford College and the historical Oxford Rock Stadium. It is reminiscent of a treasured past and the virtues of discipline and character are echoed daily under its golden rotunda dome. 

In 2010, Oxford completed its most elaborate enhancement yet with the building of a state of the art 18 million dollar high school into the OHS hill. The new high school opened with 21st century technology in all classrooms, computer laboratories on three of its four floors, four laboratories for science classes, and two weight training facilities that meet collegiate standards. Another massive addition was made in 2015 with the addition of a Career Center, which houses a variety of workforce simulation labs. These labs include a robotics/engineering lab, television production lab, and a health science lab. Oxford High School students use these spaces to apply learned content.

In 2017, Oxford established the Connection, the Evidence Room, and the Teacher Innovation Station. The Connection is a premier collaborative space on the 3rd floor of the Media Center. The Connection is also home to the Glassroom, which is an exciting and innovative classroom designed for observation and professional growth. The Evidence Room is a location where educators can meet to dig into the data for every single Oxford High School student. The Teacher Innovation station is a space for teachers to create, make, and do. It is also home to our Podcast Station.

We are grateful for the collaborative efforts of The Oxford City Board of Education and the City of Oxford for providing 21st century facilities. 

Principal's Message

I would like to welcome all our students back for the 2023-2024 school year. At Oxford High School, we take pride in being the best. We embrace a growth mindset at OHS by harnessing the power of “YET.” This one word sets the stage for our belief that smart is something you can get, not something that you are. We are committed to continuous improvement through intentional actions.

“Creative confidence is the notion that you have big ideas, and that you have the ability to act on them.” - David Kelley

We stand firm in the belief that all problems are solvable. We all have big ideas and the ability to act on them by combining creative confidence, empathy, and optimism to build, make, and do.

Good luck to every student on a successful year and remember…

Go Big O! 

Heath M. Harmon
Oxford High School Principal

Oxford City Schools Staff

Oxford City Schools, Superintendent  -  Dr. Shannon Stanley
Principal  -  Heath M. Harmon
Assistant Principal  -  Ryan Barkley
Assistant Principal  -  Landon Thompson
Assistant Principal  -  Jennifer Dothard
Assistant Principal  -  Edron Lane
Guidance Counselor  -  Carla McDonald
Guidance Counselor  -  Katie Norton
Guidance Counselor  -  Ashley Holmes
Guidance Counselor  -  Marci Hall
School Secretary  -  Amber Smith
Attendance  -  Monnette Williams
Book keeper  -  Andrea Warhurst
Registrar  -  Denise Medders
School Secretary  -  Fay Vincent

Oxford City Schools Vision Statement


Our vision is to be THE leader in all aspects of education. From the time a child enters kindergarten until graduation, we want to provide the best instruction, extracurricular activities, facilities and services enabling our students to become productive successful citizens.


Oxford City Schools Mission Statement


The mission of the Oxford City School System, the focal point of a growing, diverse community, is to ensure the academic success of all students through a student-centered system of individualized instruction, highly qualified staff, exemplary facilities, and effective use of all resources.


Student Handbook Subsections

This Student Handbook has been divided into nine parts; for further details, please click on the respective link.