• Ashley Jackson

  • Ashley Jackson was born in Temple, Texas. Jackson attended schools in Anniston and Oxford,
    Alabama and graduated from Oxford High School.
    She is graduate of Talladega College in Talladega, Alabama, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts
    degree in Psychology. She is currently enrolled in courses to complete a Special Education
    Certification. She is completing additional coursework for the Special Education Certification at
    Jacksonville State University in Jacksonville, Alabama.
    Ashley Jackson has been employed a teacher for one year with Anniston City Schools. She
    taught courses in the career technical department focusing on Public Safety and Law
    Enforcement. She has multiple years of employment experience in the Criminal Justice System.
    In 2012, Ms. Jackson accepted a position as a Material Expediter at Honda Manufacturing of
    Lincoln, Alabama. As a Material Expediter she worked on the production assembly line placing
    automotive parts on the doors of each vehicle, operating power and welding tools as the cars
    moved down the assembly line, inspected parts at the end of the completed process, and
    performed general cleaning duties within the area of work. She performed the duties of this
    position for a period of approximately two years.
    In May 2014, Ms. Jackson accepted a position as Correction Officer for the Childersburg
    Community Work Center, in Alpine, Alabama. As the Correctional Officer she supervised the
    daily activities and welfare of inmates. She has additional employment experience as a Federal
    Correctional Officer at the Federal Correctional Institute in Talladega, Alabama.
    In October 2021, Ms. Jackson accepted a position with Anniston High School as a Public
    Safety/Law Enforcement Teacher. Her responsibilities included providing instruction to
    secondary students enrolled in CTE approved Criminal Justice Program. She planned,
    implemented, and assessed student learning activities in Criminal Law, Private Security,
    corrections, forensics, homeland security, and surveillance.
    Ms. Jackson is the proud parent of Paris, Amelia, and Jayda.