• General Biography:

         I have 3 beautiful girls and am grammy to a super cute 4 year old. I have been teaching for 9 years and love being in the classroom. After high school I joined the Navy and traveled the world for 4 years. After the Navy, I worked as a social worker before deciding I wanted to work with kids before they are in crisis mode so I went to school to become a school counselor. Before I could be a school counselor, I had to teach in the classroom. I fell in love with teaching and decided to stay teaching. 

    I love to learn new things and try my best to understand the world I live in. That includes learning about other cultures, foreign and domestic events, and especially learning about and understanding who my students are and the things that are important to them.


    Goals for My Classroom:


         I strive to teach students how to be thinkers and to connect their learning to the world they live in. I want students to feel comfortable learning and asking questions, to include asking other students to justify or explain their reasoning. My hope is that students will problem solve situations which in turn allows kids to self monitor emotion, increase stamina in learning, and think creatively. I want the students to know that good learning habits in school will be essential in problem solving in the “real world.” I also instill in my students that knowledge is power and to never stop learning, never give up!

    Education History:


    • High School Graduate, Handley High School, Roanoke, AL


    • Bachelor of Science in Family and Consumer Sciences, Nicholls State University, Thibodaux, LA


    • Master of Education in School Counseling, Nicholls State University, Thibodaux, LA


    • Alternative certification in teaching, Houston Baptist University, Houston, TX


    •  ESL and GT certified in Texas