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School Bus Code of Conduct


All transportation programs shall be operated in accordance with provisions of The Code of Alabama and State  Board of Education rules and regulations. The primary consideration of the transportation program shall be the  safety and welfare of the students. 

The policies listed below shall be followed by students when being transported via Board-owned vehicles, including  activity buses: 

1. Students should observe classroom conduct (except for ordinary conversation) at all times when getting on,  off, or riding the bus and shall be subject to all school rules and regulations applicable during regular school hours. 2. Students will board and leave the bus only at an approved stop. 

3. Students should not attempt to talk to the bus driver while the bus is in motion. 

4. Students will not throw objects from the bus at any time. 

5. Students are not to get off the bus at any time from the point of departure until they reach their destination,  except in cases of emergency and upon notification of the bus driver by written note, signed by the student’s  parent(s)/legal guardian(s)/custodian(s) and school principal. 

6. Students should not have their arms of any parts of their bodies out of the windows at any time. 7. Students should remain seated until the bus comes to a full stop. Do not move around while the bus is in  motion. 

8. The bus driver has full authority over the students while they are riding the bus; he/she will be firm but fair  with each student. Failure to obey a driver can result in suspension from riding the bus by the school principal.  Violations will be reported promptly to the local principal by the driver.  

9. Profane, indecent, or abusive language will not be permitted. 

10. Students must exercise proper care and treatment of the bus and bus equipment at all times. Abuse and  damage to the bus must be paid for by the student or his/her parent/legal guardian/custodian. 11. No food, candy, drinks, etc. are allowed on the bus. 

12. Students are not allowed to bring handheld electronic games or CD players on the bus. 13. The principal is authorized to suspend a student’s transportation privilege to which transportation is provided  by the Board due to misconduct or misbehavior while in route to and from school. 

Student transportation for selected activities is provided by the Board as a service to the students of the School  System. The Board reserves the right to deny a student or students the privilege of being transported at public  expense, provided the policies and school rules and regulations outlined above are not followed. Regular procedures  are as follows: 1st Notice – Note home; 2nd Notice – Phone call from office; 3rd Notice – 3 day bus suspension; 4th  Notice – 1 week bus suspension; 5th Notice – 2 week bus suspension; 6th Notice – bus suspension for the remainder  of the year. Fighting and other Class II infractions which interfere with the safe operation of the bus may warrant  immediate bus suspension on the 1st occurrence.  

Extenuating circumstances must be approved by the principal or his/her designee.