Welcome to Oxford City School System. We are happy to have you as part of the OCS family. I hope this page provides you with the needed new employee information.


    SECTION 1: Completion of Human Resources and Payroll Paperwork

    • Complete and submit all required documents for employment including application, transcripts, teaching certificate (if applicable)
    • Attend a "New Hire" paperwork sessions (dates will be provided)
    • Background check is required


    SECTION 2: Submit any other applicable documents to Human Resources and Payroll

    • Email any other required documents to humanresources@oxboe.com 
    • If you have prior work experience, submit written verification. For certified/administrative personnel, request that an ALSDE EXP form be completed and sent to us. For classified personnel, we need written verification and contact information on your employer’s letterhead. Submit to hcruse@oxboe.com
    • If you hold National Board Certification, provide us with a copy of your certificate.
    • If transcripts are required (certified and instructional support), we will need official transcripts, with your degree posted


    SECTION 3: Required Trainings