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Monday, February 17, 2020

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Project Based Learning Initiative

Folder Project Based Learning Initiative (2 Files)
pdf file Graphic of Project Based Classroom Structure
pdf file Project Based Learning
Folder Study Strategies Resources (2 Files)
ppt file Self Questioning ppt
ppt file Study Strategies ppt
Folder 1-8 Tech Tips on Thursday (8 Files)
pdf file 1-1 T3.PDF.pdf
pdf file 1-2 T3.pdf.pdf
pdf file 1-3 T3.pdf.pdf
pdf file 1-4 T3.pdf.pdf
pdf file 1-5 T3.pdf.pdf
pdf file 1-6 T3.PDF.pdf
pdf file 1-7 T3.pdf.pdf
pdf file 1-8 T3.pdf.pdf
Folder Curriculum Handbook (0 Files)
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